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Who Can Read Up The Courses Of CIU?

Cosmos International University introduces Modern Heuristic Education System to the world and to every individual who is qualified, habilitated, capacitated and interested to join an autonomous researcher's degree program of Cosmos International University in order that they can take the available courses from any part of this universe. You will be given the nearest contact address for letter correspondence so that you will be able to use it till you complete the course of your research program if you genuinely seek the opportunity of taking your desired program via email. We may have to travel around the globe time to time because of academicians who join the university from different parts of the world so the best tool for communication is email.

How Shall I Intercommunicate With CIU?

The best way to contact us is via email. To apply for admission to an autonomous researcher's degree program, sending the application via regular mail is not necessary. Email attachment for sending documents, and online resume links are the best, most precise and briskest way to receive and accept documents of applicant's admission to a higher degree program of Cosmos International University. Do not squander your time looking for the location of Cosmos International University's buildings and address, without reading this page of information because it is humanly organized university that has no building and campus. This web page is the best place where you can get detailed information about the university, and it is also a useful information page for people who want to know more about this organizational research institute. Using simple English has been the practice at all time that every one who reads this page can understand the meaning and the purpose of the university thoroughly at ease.

Does Cosmos International University Have Any Campus or Building?

It may give you an idea of befuddling on the topic because we have no permanent fixed address of the university in this cosmos because of the director's working location which is likely to change year after year as determined by conditions and circumstances. Cosmos means "universe", thus we reckon and aver that everywhere in the world is encompassed in Cosmos. It means the modern heuristic education system of Cosmos International University has no limit in terms of the geographical amount of space, cognitive skills and philosophical thoughts that enable academicians to draw out their education plan beyond borders and limitations.

What Type Of Education System Do We Have?

We call our education "Modern Heuristic Education System". Do not try to do the courses of Cosmos International University just online. The autonomous researcher's degree programs of Cosmos International University are absolutely heuristic and primarily based on the professional job that the applicant is doing while having the ability to save time in order to do self-study, research finding and analysis of responses from practical world for the development of his or her current working knowledge toward his specialized field of research. Though it may seem very intricated to ensure admission, you will find that Cosmos' modern heuristic education system is far better, beyond your imagination that will eventually make you say it's better than merely theoretical research programs and taught courses of many regular universities. If you want to study at a university which has an address and huge buildings on a campus, Cosmos International University is not suitable for you because cosmos philosophy of education is not totally based on tangible assets such as fabulous buildings though we can sometimes make use of the available facilities of other universities and colleges around the world as and when the needs arise.

How Do We Assess Cosmos Researchers?

We assess experimenters' or researchers' oral presentation and writing skill via email and live webcast using streaming media technology, computer and professional webcast software over the internet. It's not our policy to impel someone to contact us if the individual's decision is set to stay on in a campus and study a taught course for years at a regular university. It means you haven't been fitted out to do autonomous researcher's degree programs of Cosmos International University because every autonomous researcher of Cosmos International University evinced himself or herself being empowered researcher by having a professional job or an employment associated with the bailiwick research he or she wants to typically work on.

Wisdom is wealth, power and justice.
by Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau PhD,DPh(Teaching English)
Earn Cosmos International University's
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