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Proverbs 8

Wisdom is wealth, power and justice.
by Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau PhD,DPh(Teaching English)
Freedom, human rights, truth, love, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy!   Liberté , être humain équitable , vérité , amour , sagesse , savoir , philosophie! 
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The grade point average (GPA) is a numerical representation of an autonomous researcher's overall academic achievement especially for the employer to understand how much knowledge the autonomous researcher has for doing the job he seeks or for doing the job offered to him. It is obtained by assigning point values to specific grades and multiplying these values by the number of hours received in that course. Being the leader of modern heuristic education system, Cosmos International University's evaluation of researchers' GPA depends on the total hours of practicum on the job that is connected with the researcher's specialization, working hours, oral presentation skill and assignment or dissertation, if there is any. Researcher's ability is assessed carefully so that there would be no difficulties or mistakes when choosing the autonomous researcher for a position after graduation. We believe it is more reliable and more comprehensive than using traditional examination system to judge a person's ability and capability.

The total number of grade points earned for a program of Cosmos International University is a calculation of the total number of self-study, pratical working hours based on the subject topic and reading knowledge of related books or short courses. Since it's not just listening to a lecture series like in other regular universities, there will be no limitation of time frame when computing credit hours in the grading sheet. The autonomous researcher has to do practical work till he or she thinks that he/she got sufficient knowledge on a particular area or subject. Grade point values are as follows:

A = 4.00                                                                                                                                                       B = 3.00
C = 2.00                           
D = 1.00
F = 00

Note:    One credit hour equals 5 hours of practicality and theoretical research
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