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Proverbs 8

Wisdom is wealth, power and justice.
by Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau PhD,DPh(Teaching English)
Freedom, human rights, truth, love, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy!   Liberté , être humain équitable , vérité , amour , sagesse , savoir , philosophie! 
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Department of Research on Government

Article no. 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the basis of forming a national government or an international government. Since the main focus in doing research is to develop the living standard of human beings, develop the standard of their culture, custom, environment and surroundings, therefore practical knowledge that generates wisdom to govern the people is advantageous.

Autonomous researchers have to look into very important subjects like democratic government - democracy and power, checks and balances, prime ministers and presidents, representatives, parliaments and presidents, basic human rights, the rule of law, elections, government shutdown, the culture of democracy -, politics, economics and pluralism, the difference between full democracy and flaw democracy, autocracy, despotism, meritocracy, oligarchy, plutocracy, theocracy - Christian state and Islamic republic, tyranny, technocracy, what makes a form of government good, what the best economic system is, and they have to analyze and examine every topic of all subjects methodically and in detail.

Legislators, Law Professors, Governors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Government Administrators, politicians and Economists who are qualified and have four years experience working in government administration can apply for admission to PhD and DPh degree programs.