Question:   Is Cosmos International University a degree mill?

There is no sales in educational sector except your false ideology on education. Teaching English is an education. This is my first time to hear about someone like you, who is selling teaching English, which is an education. Because you want to say, "China's job market is in my pocket." and you want to market the fake certificates you are able to prove to different schools, and universities for several years which blocks better educators and higher degree holder's job opportunities. I am sure you may eventually say, " Hu Juntao and Wen Jiabao are in my pocket."

Cosmos International University never issues any certificate or diploma without proving the recipient's qualification. But we are not the same like you so, we don't look at people's skin color or country of origin as the Chinese do, but we prove and accredit only a person's ability and qualification individually so that you or others may not be able to use Cosmos International University's diplomas without doing research heuristically in a real sense. Because it's not a degree mill. It's not the name of the university but the qualification of the recipient that gives a person a good job and reputation. If I register Cosmos International University at a law firm in a country of the world, we are going to be under that law firm. We don't do it and are not going to do it because Cosmos International University isn't under any law but above the laws, above governments, above politics, above religions and above authorities and the university can rather certify and give credentials to legislations, authorities, governments, politicians and even law firms which you trust and feel secure when you register with them. Cosmos International University isn't just a place, a person or a thing that can be judged by you or any other people in the world. "Accept" is a best word in this term. But it's a ministry that recognizes individual educations and qualifications regardless of race, sex, country of origin, a person's body appearance and skin color to prevent discriminations.

Since it's not a degree mill, one will have to do heuristic research and be an autonomous learner for five to ten years, even after a person earns the highest doctorate degree from an accredited or a well-known university in the world. But we don't force any one to do that in anyway unless a person voluntarily request has been received. It's not only about real education, but also philosophy and psychology. It's not just issuing a certificate either. You or anyone in the world may not be able to buy a Cosmos International University's Diploma even with a million US dollars because it's not for sale, which means we value our education at the highest range and level in this cosmos.

Thank you for your understanding because I hope you are a competent knowledgeable person in this forum.

Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau

Q:     Is Cosmos International University a church related organization?
A:     No, it is not.  It is a non denominational organization.

Q:     What acronym is PhD for?
A:     The acronym of PhD is Philosophical Doctor.

Q:     Is DPh the same as PhD?
A:     No, it's not but related to one another. The acronym of DPh is Advance Doctor of Philosophy.
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Why none accreditation policy?

I don't believe in your accreditation. Education is not only for accredited universities but also for none accreditation institutes including every individual who is interested in self education. Actually, accreditation matter became popular among people who were not well educated in the field of their studies but wanted to improve the quality of their education just a decade ago. And it was started by a private organization and later on the US department of Education recognized their idea. That's it. Nothing new. It's better but not the best. So far, only a very very few percentage of graduates students from accredited universities in the US and in other countries depend on that accreditation policy.

You will never get all institutions accredited for money sake especially Cosmos International University. None accreditation is our choice, and it includes all accredited universities so when we have enough financial coverage for Cosmos International University, we can hire anyone whether the person is from accredited university or non accreditation university. The quality of a person's education depends only on the person himself/herself but not on the university or the facilities.

However good your accreditation maybe, if the student doesn't care about his or her study at that accredited insitute, you will never see any good result in that student. However bad the university's facility maybe without your accreditation, if the student's self study ability is good, that student will definitely get a better opportunity in job seeking. Even if that kind of students maynot get job, their dignity will remain the same beyond the dignity of graduates from accredited universities. You should understand the fact that non denominational means all denominations. Denominational means only one denomination or few denominations chosen by a group of people. So is for none accreditation.

I don't believe in only one education system. Even more education systems may come in the future and they maybe much much better than your accreditation thing. Who knows? We have a better and wider scope in education in a way accredited universities will never compete with us in general. You may cut the job opportunities because you have more money but it doesn't mean that Cosmos International University students are less educated. No, never. It's about the false ideology that a few capitalists have on education. But someday in the future, you or they with the successors, who capitalized and monopolized education as if it were a powerful business will have to bear the consequences. Even now in the world, can accreditation rule all the institutes, colleges and universities? Education involves money but not for money.

I personally do value the education I get from Cosmos International University though it's not accredited as you wish it to be but still I live with my education and can boldly say that in the area of teaching English, I am nothing less important and educated than people of the same major from accredited universities. I may have a better quality than some of your accredited universities students. Who knows? Because it's about education and depends on self but not on the university.

I can point out some students from accredited universities who didn't do their job well after their graduation. And as long as a person is human being and has quality education, it's legal. But what about the degrees and his/her certificates and diplomas? They are also legal if the person has adequate knowledge, skill and capability which proves those certificates and diplomas that he/she has. Having a degree certificate or diploma whether it is MA or PhD without qualification is illegal. It's not about the lawyer who can sign and stamp to prove them but those graduates individual's ability to do the job well and real qualifications which are the most important matter in education.

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