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The best locations in the world to do research on all specializations of autonomous research degree programs of Cosmos International University are countries that recognize and support Modern Heuristic Education System and Cosmos International University.  The director has been in the USA for two consecutive years, and has found out that the education system in the USA doesn't automatically support Modern Heuristic Education System. Any country that supports Cosmos International University system and Modern  Heuristic Education System is the best country to do autonomous research.   There are also the possibilities of doing autonomous research in other continents like some Asian countries. Current contact address of the director is given below. Remember Cosmos International University has neither buildings nor signboards.  And the degree programs are suitable only for eligible individual autonomous researchers.

Director's  Contact Address is:   Prof. Dr David Ngin Sian Pau   MA, PhD, DPh.
                                                         General Director
                                                         Cosmos International University                              
                     7129 N 54th Ave, Apt D,
                                                         Glendale, AZ 85301, USA.                                                     
                                                         Cell Phone: 602 580 4070

If you want to make any payment to Cosmos International
University, contact the director. Thank you.

Proverbs 8

Wisdom is wealth, power and justice.
by Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau PhD,DPh(Teaching English)
Freedom, human rights, truth, love, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy!   Liberté , être humain équitable , vérité , amour , sagesse , savoir , philosophie! 
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