Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:22:13 -0400 [12:22:13 PM CST]


Dear Prof. Ngin Sian Pau:

The World Passport is a valid and legal document of identification AND travel.  More than 160 countries have issued visas in the World Passport since 1954, as you can see from the various sample stamps at

Whether or not you are able to get your passport stamped has no bearing upon the general validity of the passport.
Please note that much discrimination occurs in the world. Simply because of your place of birth or because of your economic status, you could be refused a visa -- and neither of these reasons has anything to do with the World Passport.

If you have not tried to obtain a visa from a consulate of a country such as Togo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Honduras, El Salvador, etc. (a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern Europe or the Middle East), then that is the first step. Getting a visa to a wealthy country in North America or Western Europe is extremely difficult no matter what passport you carry (unless you already have a passport from a wealthy country).

The WSA is NOT affiliated with the United States government.  The only way for anyone to obtain a US passport is to first have US citizenship (by birth, by parentage, or by naturalization).  Once you have citizenship, then you can apply for the US passport.  If you want to become a US citizen, you can apply for refugee status through the US embassy in Malaysia.  With refugee status, you could come to the US, become a permanent resident and later become a citizen. If you cannot apply for refugee status, you can still apply for residency or citizenship through the US embassy. This can be a long process and many people are rejected. It is best to get the assistance from a local, private immigration lawyer who can help you through the immigration process.

Please reply to with any questions.


David Gallup

Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:09:08 -0500 [05:09:08 PM CST]
From: WSA® Information Department <>
Subject: World Citizenship!

Dear Prof. David:

Thank you for your email.

World Citizenship is global universal inclusive of all humans on planet Earth. The US Passport is issued by the Government of the USA on the national level which is exclusive and issued only to people born in what we call the USA. The WSA issues the world passport and can't provide you with a USA Passport.

We have attached a file highlighting the differences between a national passport and a world passport.

Thank you for reading!


-- WSA® Information Department
World Service Authority®
5 Thomas Circle NW
Washington, DC 20005
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Professor Dr David Ngin Sian Pau wrote--------------------------------
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 01:47:34 -0600 [01:47:34 AM CST]



World Citizen Card: 127700
World ID          : 914282
World Passport No : 343122
Docs Website:
32, Lorong Sungai Puluh 14C,
Klang Utama, Klang,
Selangor D.E. 42100, Malaysia
Cell Phone: +60 193229537


Mr.David Gallup
WSA World Office of World Government.
5 Thomas Circle, N.W.,
Washington D.C. 20005
United States of America.

Date: 05.11.2012                                                                                                                                               Ref:011112

Subject: Regarding The right to obtain a US passport through World Citizenship.

Dear Mr.President,

According to my understanding, World Government was formed legally as a small local government in the Federal State of Washington D.C. under a full democratic government of the United States of America, and World Service Authority is the service of and part of  World Government, whose founder is Mr. Gary Davis. World Government and World Citizens use USA passport as World Government's establishment comes under the constitution of the USA. And World Citizens have the right to use the US passport to travel to another country or to work overseas since World Passport is merely an identity of a person, who has already taken World Citizenship from World Government. World Passport is not a document for travel but an identity of a World Citizen because none of the governments in this world wants to give visa in it.

Is my understanding and statement about World Passport, World Government and World Service Authority true and correct? Being a World Citizen, is there any way to get a US passport for travel though my country of origin differs? If World Government is a legal local government under Washington D.C. and the US constitution, I have the right and legal status to obtain the US Passport issued by the US government. Would you kindly help me to get the US Passport since World Passport can't be of use for me to travel? Open attachments for the evidence of my World Citizenship.

Awaiting for your kind reply in a jiffy.

Yours Truthfully,


First Ph.D. Degree of Cosmos International University  Issued

A Philosophical Doctor (PhD) degree diploma for David Ngin Sian Pau has been issued on 25th November, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur city,  Malaysia, and it is signed by Dr. Zam Lam Thang, newly elected registrar of Cosmos International University and Professor Dr.David, the director of the university. David Ngin Sian Pau has been a teaching English professor at Cosmos International University since 2007. He has got 12 years of English teaching experience on the date of issuing the PhD degree diploma. His experience in different countries, educational philosophy, teaching ability and skills, and knowledge that qualifies to do the Advanced Doctor of Philosophy (D.Ph.) make him the best academician and researcher in the teaching of English for now and for the future, and therefore, he is awarded the PhD (Philosophical Doctor)degree.


Analyst Says Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN Unreliable.

On October 12, 2004 U Win Mra, on behalf of the whole country gave a speech on Counter Terrorism and in the 6th paragraph of his speech he said, “Myanmar unequivocally condemns terrorism in all forms and manifestations. We are cooperating closely with the Counter-Terrorism Committee. In that, regard I would like to inform the Assembly that Myanmar has signed or acceded to 11 of the 12 international legal instruments related to terrorism.”

U Win Mra uses the word “condemns” in general which every one can use for a tricky verbal support.  Even the terrorists can use the same word without doing anything to support the word just for getting a positive opinion from the targeted enemy. Using the word “condemns” doesn’t mean Myanmar under U Win Mra at that time didn’t support the terrorists. He pretended to be the person who doesn’t have any connection with the terrorist. Moreover, there was no actions taken following the speech to confirm he was truthful enough, honest and reliable.

And nobody except him doesn’t know what the contents of the 11 international legal documents are. To really condemn terrorism, Myanmar is a nation that has the power to take control of their immigration system and international trading whereas no such reform had been made at any time with which one can judge that Myanmar didn’t do anything about protecting the people of Myanmar and the US government from terrorism.  Therefore, his speech at the UN Assembly that includes “Myanmar unequivocally condemns terrorism in all forms and manifestations” is merely a word without action and just a way of escape from being blamed by the UNO that Myanmar government supported terrorism. Since the top SPDC leader and highest ranking military leader Than Shwe didn’t command or do anything about anti-terrorist activity in accordance with what U Win Mra said in the assembly. Words without action can confirm a person that he or she is not of terrorism individually since individual effort of a person can’t do any destruction at any time powerfully.  But for a government that has full power and authority in a country, using “condemns” without doing any activity is ineffective and invalid at the same time. Therefore, Myanmar government under U Win Mra at that time is believed to be involving in some kind of terrorist activities one way or another.

Secondly, on October 6, 2005 U Win Mra gave a speech in a UN Assembly again on behalf of Myanmar on “How to solve the problem of poverty”.  And in paragraph 4 of his speech he said, “We strongly believe that education is the primary solution to poverty alleviation.” As we all know, the solution to poverty is economic reform.  Job creation is a must in doing economic reform. There is no other answer better than this, and this answer can be given correctly even by an ordinary high school graduate whereas U Win Mra couldn’t do so. Logically, when we are hungry we look for food but don’t  go to study at school first. And when we are thirsty we try to get water but we never went to school first to quench our thirst. Poverty stops us from going to school so we see a lot of drop-outs. Solving the problem of poverty, the answer can never be just “education” primarily.  But U Win Mra in his speech said, “….education is primary solution to poverty…” which is totally out of context and illogical. Education may come in secondary or in the third place to solve poverty problem in Myanmar. Except for torturing the people of Myanmar, no such answer to poverty problem should be given in the UN Assembly especially for Myanmar.

The worst part of his speech is that the story didn’t stop just like that. The then top military general and intelligence, Khin Nyunt focused on education for all in the country following U Win Mra idea. He followed the same policy by visiting most of the educational institutions in Myanmar and giving sanctions for upgrading and the building up of some colleges and universities in the country through out his years in the position of military dictatorship that ended up without solving the problem of hunger and joblessness at a grass root level in the country.

Because of the policy “primary solution to poverty is education”, the economy of the country became worse, money inflation increased 4 times 5 years, prices of domestic products and goods had been increased 4 or 5 times higher and Myanmar education system became invalid to other ASEAN countries. Moreover, the number of refugees in Thailand, Malaysia and USA, especially from ethnic minorities from Myanmar including Zomi, have been increased incredibly because they have to find a better solution to poverty problem of their family since the government’s solution didn’t work. Practically speaking, I personally have never got even a permanent teaching English job which is my profession for 12 long years in Asia so far because of this kind of bad leaders of the country. In stead of giving me a permanent job which I can depend on for building a family of my own, I have rather been discriminated, persecuted almost to death, and taxed individually which is totally unfair.

Confirming that U Win Mra is incapable of being in the positions he is in right now by the evidences given above,  he should be offered another position that matches his major at the Bachelor degree level studied at Yangon University, in addition to taking him out of his positions of Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN, International Organizations and Economic Department and Chairman of Myanmar National Human Rights Commission as soon as possible. Failure in doing so will result in not being able to make Myanmar a full democracy country and not being able to make economic reform in the country at the same time. It’s not because of discriminating him but because of the inefficiency of his speech and work in the past that made Myanmar the worst country in world in terms of economy, politics and education. Would it be necessary to find out if U Win Mra, Khin Nyunt, Maung Aye and Than Shwe worked together in some extend in another country that their purpose to become terrorist advisors will never be in vain? The European Union, North American countries and ASEAN should collaborate in fighting with them to help the success of full democracy work in Myanmar.

Being able to do research at a Ph.D. level is not simply acceptable enough for a person to become Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN and to work for International Organization and Economic Department of Myanmar. It maybe necessary for a person to be able to do heuristic research very well at a post doctorate level in a related field that human resource department and politicians of Myanmar will choose him or her for a suitable position to lead the country, avoiding regrettable situation later on.

The above statements and analysis of U Win Mra speeches should not necessarily cause any hatred or enmity feeling to any one. It’s written to express my perspective for the betterment of making Myanmar a prosperous country under full democracy rule in five to ten years.  Myanmar needs the right person for the right position in government, private and non governmental sectors in terms of politics, social security and economy of the country.


David Ngin Sian Pau
UNHCR file no:354-10C00251
Room A, 44-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Manis 3,
Taman Segar, Cheras, 56100 KL.,
Phone: 0189898412

Head of RST Section
UNHCR Representation in Malaysia
570, Jalan Bukit Petaling,
50406 Kuala Lumpur.                                                                                                                                         Date : 15th March, 2012

Subject :  A request not to include me in durable solution.

Dear Sir,

I would like to state that I am the UN Refugee who ran away from my country, Myanmar since November 2009 to escape from fear of persecution, arrest and torture. Malaysia doesn’t have the standard of full democracy system, in which I can get a full time employment in my profession and talented career as a UN Refugee. Instead, the government of Malaysia keeps me unemployed for two consecutive years in Kuala Lumpur. Having a contact with HR department of Malaysia doesn’t make any difference until now.  Hoping that Malaysia might be away of escape from Myanmar and China but now the situation doesn’t seem better but getting worse.

And the time I have to wait for going to the third country for resettlement through the UNHCR seems quite a bit long since it takes a few years.  I think the durable solution can also make the waiting time longer since it has more steps to process such an arduous task to complete. And obviously, it is dangerous and difficult to self-guard myself while waiting for such a long time to go to the third country. Intentionally, I have never been given a suitable job though I know there are job vacancies around. Joblessness is the most difficult part of being in Malaysia. I am sure you already knew what the next thing we suffer because of joblessness i.e. hunger.  Malaysia doesn’t meet my standard of job giving policy. To me, job is for everyone and a person who has higher education in one way or another and have the qualification and knowledge must also get a better position and salary based on his choice. Getting a job should be easy and not to make it difficult to offer or give it away because it’s our life, which is not applicable to the job market of Malaysia. We are human beings even if a person maybe a Malaysian citizen or refugee. There is no differences between the two whereas the locals create a big gap in between unnecessarily. Because of the government policy and action toward refugees, I can definitely say that Malaysia can never be better than what it is today. It will still be under flawed democracy rule even after a decade or two. The people will never enjoy the fruit of full democracy in their life time, and so do refugees in this country. Many a time, the UN Refugee is more capable of doing things than a Malaysian citizen. If we are to develop Malaysia, such a person should be uplifted but so far, no opportunity as such has never been occurred. Becoming Malaysian citizen may also be worse since it’s going to be risky later in life because it’s not under full democracy.

Marriage in Malaysia also is impossible to me as the most important part of marriage requires a stable job. And I am jobless even now. Moreover, there is no concern for jobless people in the country. Then marriage is of my personal choice so no one can force me to marry someone who I really don’t like. And it is not the time for me to get marriage now in Malaysia, and Malaysia is not the country or place where I will get marry. Saving my family is impossible unless I am in a third country where my life is safe. I don’t want to get killed because of waiting for the so called “durable solution” in Malaysia.

Because of the above reasons, I want my UNHCR file along with my application for resettlement transferred immediately to OPE and not to include me under the durable solution any more so that resettlement in the third country will be made faster and that it will be a great chance of being rescued and be a life saver indeed. For evidence, I hope you still have copies of complaints and reports I made for the problems I have been facing in Malaysia. I came to OPI four times after December, 2011. As I am under the category of vulnerable person, I hope you will give me a faster process of my resettlement and do the needful at your earliest possible convenience.


Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau


from: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MLSLU Resettlement Section
sender-time: Sent at 3:53 PM (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 3:32 PM.
to: Prof Dr David Ngin Sian Pau <>
date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 3:53 PM
subject: Re: Fwd: Inquiry about Refugee visa to go to the United States.

Dear Prof. David Ngin Sian Pau,

Please note that Resettlement Support Center (RSC) is in charge of the US interview schedule and other US processing requirements. For areas relating to RSC pre-screening schedule, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) interview schedule and/or other US processing requirements, please contact RSC Kuala Lumpur directly at: 03-21415846 or

Kind regards,
UNHCR Malaysia

From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MLSLU Resettlement Section
Sender-time: Sent at 1:49 PM (GMT+02:00). Current time there: 4:28 PM. ?
To: Prof Dr David Ngin Sian Pau <>
Date: Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Subject: Resettlement status

Dear Sir,

We acknowledge receipt of your email message of 05 July 2011. Please be informed that you will be contacted for further resettlement processing in due time. Also, please note that a decision does not lie with UNHCR. Ultimately, resettlement countries decide whether or not a person will be admitted to their country. You will be contacted once a decision regarding your application has been made.

Kind regards,



From:Canberra Australia
Sender-time:Sent at 1:28 PM (GMT+02:00). Current time there: 4:33 PM. ?
To:Prof Dr David Ngin Sian Pau <>
Date:Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 1:28 PM
Subject:Re: Fwd: Visa and immigration enquiry concerning New Zealand

Dear Sir ,

Thank you for contacting the Regional Office of the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Canberra regarding your current
situation in Malaysia.

Please note that UNHCR in Canberra has responsibility for the region
comprising Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

If your physical safety or legal status in Malaysia is of concern to
you, we recommend that you seek further advice and information from
UNHCR in your country of asylum.

I note that the UNHCR Office in Malaysia has directed you to the New
Zealand High Commission in Kuala Lumpur for enquiry on visa
requirements. As your enquiry involves visa requirements for New Zealand
we would also direct you the New Zealand High Commission in Kuala

Yours sincerely,

UNHCR Regional Office for Australia, New Zealand,
Papua New Guinea and the Pacific
Ph: +61 2 6260 3411
Fax: +61 2 6260 3477


Why DPh ?  What it means by a PhD at Cosmos International University?

Unlike other existing universities in the world, Cosmos International University has its own PhD course which means Philosophical Doctor course but not Doctor of Philosophy course. There are some differences between Doctor of Philosophy and Philosophical Doctor though the acronym, PhD looks the same for both Cosmos and other universities when you look at it. Cosmos International University feels the acronym for Doctor Philosophy shouldn't be PhD but DPhil or DPhi because the first word is Doctor but not Philosophy. Therefore, Cosmos decided to utilize PhD acronym for Philosophical Doctor. Infact, I feel this is the correct way of putting acronym of PhD. Cosmos International University doesn't believe in putting things upside down. If I knew the person who created the PhD, I would have asked him or her to change it to DPh, DPhil, DPhilo, or DPhi. For Doctor of Philosophy, the first acronym should be "D" all the time and "Phi", "Phil", or "Philo" should come second for Philosophy.

And Cosmos International University's PhD is to prove a heuristic researcher that he or she is well qualified to do the Advance Doctor of Philosophy, acronym DPh which involves pragmatic and theortical research at the same time and submitting one hundred thousand words heuristic research dissertation in ten years. It's almost the same as other universities' Post Doctoral course where the researcher can decide everything on his or her own. But DPh at Cosmos International University is a little different because it involves practicality, theoretical study and writing heuristic research dissertation at the same time.

Thanks for your question.

Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau MA,PhD,DPh(ongoing research)

A Short Meeting In Bangkok
The president of Cosmos International University and the director of Christian Development International Ministry had a short meeting in Bangkok on 2nd February, 2009. They discussed about international conference, and how to develop  a better education for autonomous learners of modern heuristic system and made assessment on the benefit of being autonomous learners of this new education system.

       Awarded Black Belt in Judo

Dayton F. Kannon, the president of Cosmos International University has been  awarded "Black Belt" in Judo recently for honoring his long service of teaching physical education at ICS, Bangkok at the same time practicing judo for 19 years to develop new techniques on how to teach students and motivate learners to better their skill in using judo, one of the martial arts. 

We appreciate his effort to obtain this precious award. Congratulation !!!

Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau is leaving Yangon

Professor Dr.David will fly to Bangkok on Sunday from Yangon, the capital city of the Union of Myanmar on a transit visa. After staying for a night in Bangkok for a one day meeting with Cosmos International University's president, he will fly to Shenzhen city, China to continue his journey to Chengdu city where he works for a foreign language school to do research on the teaching of English in a non-English speaking world.

    Students of Kalay University, Myanmar met with Prof.Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau

Zomi Siamsin Pawlpi, a student-organization from Kalay University and Computer College in Myanmar met with Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau in a forum for 3 hours. Professor Dr.David Pau gave a short speech on heuristic education system and his experience in different countries in Asia. After giving speech, university student organization leaders asked relevant questions to Professor Dr.Pau.  The forum began at 3:00PM and ended at 6:00PM. It's a great experience for the students as well as Professor Dr.David Pau for having such a wonderful time together with Kalay University students for the sake of developing autonomous learning heuristic education system. 

Over 30 interested students attended the forum including Mr.Zam Thuam, the president of Zomi Siamsin Students Organization, Michael Suan Lian Pau and Mr.Vum Lian Pau from No.2 Government High School, Tahan, Kale City. We are very grateful to Phualpi AG Church for allowing us to use the church for the forum.

                                Advise For International Travelers

International travelers from Cosmos International University and Christian Development International Ministry, who hold Myanmar passport, and are going to fly with Air Asia, and stop over for a while at Suvanabhumi Airport in Bangkok in between are advised to obtain a transit visa or a tourist visa from the nearest Royal Thai Consulate before flying to the destination of your itinerary, without which might result in sending you back to the original places.

Wish you enjoy your New Year holiday!!!!!!


   Temporary Contact Address of Professor Dr. Pau

During Christmas and New Year season, Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau will be a way from his current research location in China. He will be able to visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Yangon, Nay Pyi Daw,Mandalay and Kale City during New Year holiday. You are kindly requested to send email for making appointment if you want to meet him or contact him during December, 2008 and January, 2009.

Personal Email        :       
Email with .Jpeg attachment:  


Wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



                           Investor Relation

CDIM Investors should contact the director at for further information about new projects available during 2008-2009 for short-term plannings.

                   Issuing The First D.Min. & Ph.D.

The first D.Min. of Cosmos International University for Rev.Dr.Samuel Nang Khan Do, and a PhD for David Ngin Sian Pau, which have been already offered to the recipients in December, 2007  will be issued in the future but the name of the country where the degree diplomas will be issued is yet to be announced.                                                                   

                                                    Share Your Freedom of Expression

Any information related to Cosmos International University should be addressed to  Share your freedom of expression at no risk via email. Thank you.
[See PhD degree]
World Passport
1. The World Passport is your own
personal property--you own it.

2. It is based on human rights laws
and principles that affirm your right to
travel everywhere.

3. Inclusive--most individuals can get
a World Passport and use it.

4. Based on world peace, one human
family, and one earth.

5. The World Passport is issued no
matter religion, politics, ethnicity, etc.

6. Can be a primary or secondary
document of identity and travel.

7. The World Passport represents the
right to travel and the right to identify
yourself as a person with rights.

8. Symbolic of human freedom.

9. Recognized by more than 160

10. Additional document so that
you can travel to countries that you
might not be able to with the national
passport either because the country
you intend to travel to does not like
your country of origin or because you
have stamps from a country in your
passport that is not liked.

11. Does not carry nationalistic
discrimination or viewpoint.

12. No duty or allegiance to any
national government, an allegiance
only to humanity and the earth.

13. Set fees.

14. People travelling as humans for
humanitarian reasons, who represent
an organization and not a country.

15. Cannot be legally taken away
unless committing a crime of moral

16. Responsibility of its use falls upon
the individual passport holder.
National Passport
1. The national government owns the
national passport.

2. Based on national control over
subjects or citizens. The national
government can refuse to let you
leave and other governments can
refuse to let you enter.

3. Exclusive--only a few can get it
and use it.

4. Based on national division, hatred,
violence and separation of people.

5. People who are subversive or of
certain ethnicity, religion, affiliation,
etc. will be excluded. For example,
refugees cannot get a national

6. Only primary document for

7. Represents a “civic privilege.”
National governments do not want
humans travelling just national
subjects who they can control.

8. Represents divisiveness and people
being restricted.
9. National passports have varying

10. Can be refused just because of
nation your passport represents.

11. Carries nationalistic overtone or bias.

12. Must give allegiance to only the
national government.

13. Some national passports carry
very high issuance fees.

14. Can only represent the country of
that issued it.

15. Can be taken away for any reason
or no reason.

16. Responsibility could inure to the
national government.
Differences Between The World Passport and National Passports
Letter Communication Via Email Regarding World Passport and US passport

                                                     World Citizenship

FROM: WSA® Information Department
TO: Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau

Message flagged Monday, November 5, 2012 3:02 PM

Dear Prof. Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau:

We thank you for your recent e-mail about the World Service Authority(R) (WSA) and world citizenship.

The World Government of World Citizens (WGWC) is independent of the USA Government. The WGWC operates on the global universal level NOT the national/local level as the US Gov. The WGWC was declared in the State of Maine in 1953 -- Not in the District of Columbia.

Here is general information that would shed more light on the subject.

1) Garry Davis, the founder of the WSA and its precursor Registry of World Citizens, through the Registry registered more than a million people as world citizens in 1949 and 1950.  The WSA was founded in 1954 and more than a million people have registered through the WSA since then.

2) Six governments have officially recognized the WSA documents and over 170 governments have recognized them on a case-by-case basis.  Please consider requesting the CD-Rom ($25 + $5 shipping) which shows the most recent visas, entry and exit stamps from governments that have officially and de facto recognized the passport.

3) WSA receives funding through the service issuance fees for the services it provides and through donations. Donations to WSA can be directed to:

World Service Authority
        Account No. 001924-4646-24
        Swift No. 026009593 Code BOFAUS3N
        Bank of America NA, Washington DC

Contributions may also be sent the WSA's World Office in Washington, DC.

4) National and world citizenship are not mutually exclusive. You have rights and responsibilities at all levels and you do not need to renounce a lower level of citizenship in order to claim a higher level allegiance like world citizenship.

5) The World Government of World Citizens founded in 1953 by world citizens provides governmental services to human beings throughout the world who continue to request human rights assistance every day.  The territory of the government is the planet earth as a whole.  All human beings are de facto world citizens by birth and in fact according to the legal principles of _jus soli_ and _jus sanguinis_ (birth on the earth to human parents).  All governments are based upon the concept that "the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government" and all national constitutions (with the exception of Saudi Arabia which places sovereignty in God) state that is the people who empower their governments. Registered world citizens are fulfilling their right to choose their own political allegiance--a right implicit in the 9th Amendment to the US Constitution and a right allowed by all national constitutions--by accepting the World Government as their government. In fact, the World Government is you and all of us on the planet.  Furthermore, the World Government is evolving to build the concomitant structures and institutions that will ensure global respect for human rights such as a World Court of Human Rights in which individuals will have standing to sue governments for their violations of their rights, a world parliament, world ombudspersons, a sovereign order of world guards, etc.

Can you deny me or the hundreds of thousands of world citizens our right to choose our own political allegiance?

6) The World Government of World Citizens is the only world government in the world.  Many non-governmental organizations do espouse the concepts of world citizenship and their educational endeavors are certainly useful in raising awareness of the basic concept.  But we as human beings must claim our rights NOW, if we ever expect them to gain universal respect that they must have as innate and inalienable rights.  There is not first step to world government, world government is the first step--according to Emery Reves, the author of the important work _Anatomy of Peace_ a bestseller in 1945.  Please consider reading this book which you should be able to obtain at the local or university library.  A useful example of human beings claiming governmental status even as others denounced them is the founding of the United States of America through the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration (paraphrased) says that humans have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and should their government no longer protect those rights, humans have the right to create new government.  Humans in that case established a higher level of allegiance--American citizenship--a human construct.  Now, in the 21st century, we know through technology and communication that the world is one and that we have human rights which are global and universal. In the face of national anarchy and the threat of nuclear omnicide, we need to protect our global human rights.  The only way to protect global rights and to deal with global problems is through world governmental and world law institutions.  This is why the World Government was founded and this is why the legally and politically valid claim of world citizenship is crucial to humanity's survival and flourishing into the coming centuries.

You might consider viewing the founder's web site at:

Once again we appreciate your interest in our work and principles.


WSA(R) Information Department

-- WSA® Information Department World Service Authority® 5 Thomas Circle NW Washington, DC 20005
         The Need Is Urgent for A Better and Freer Human Rights Commissioner at the United Nations Level.

Individuals are the most vulnerable people who live for themselves, educate themselves and travel from one country to another on their own expenses. Individuals are not attached to any government so whatever they do and say must be automatically confirmed including their education , certification and professional career at any time. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights must know how to deal with individual travelers , educators and professional job seekers. They shouldn't be left jobless at any time and shouldn't be discriminated in any country of the world since they are the most vulnerable people. This is human rights. The UN Secretary should be careful in choosing the commissioner for human rights , and it shouldn't result in nominating individual discriminator. To my judgment, Mrs.Louise Arbour, a French woman who became the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights till 2008 is 100 times better than Mrs.Navi Pillay, a Tamil woman from Africa who is currently the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights because after 2008, many individuals haven't got jobs in many countries but rather, most of them become hungry and homeless refugees in different countries unnecessarily. Is it human rights to make their lives miserable? I think it's none of the UN Secretary business whether the High Commissioner is of black or white skin which shouldn't be the criteria of nominating the commissioner. His or her skill, ability, knowledge and capability of dealing with the most vulnerable people are more important than anything else.

Why 100 times worse now than before 2008? An individual educator who earned around US$1500 in 2006-2008 in China ended up as a refugee, jobless and unemployed in Malaysia since the end of 2008, and now he earns an average salary of as low as US$15 a month. He has to borrow money every month to survive for buying two meals a day. Moreover, he is homeless because he had to sell his house for paying back his debts. He has been discriminated not only by the UNHCR and the local government but also by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. It doesn't happen in Mars planet but on earth where human beings live under the policy of the UNO. This is not the only incident. There are many who, once a car and house owners who had a fixed salary employment, claim to be refugees and they are in the situation of being helpless. Similar problem occurs in different countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, to some Europeans individually and even in South America. Isn't it the responsibility of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to back them up with a policy though giving cash may not be available for them? We obviously see that the result is getting 100 times worse even now than before 2008 when Mrs.Louise Arbour was the High Commissioner for Human Rights. I think it is necessary to consider and check a person's race, traditional and cultural background when nominating a woman or a man to be the High Commissioner of Human Rights for United Nations Organization however famous his or her alma mater maybe and however high his or her degrees are. It's not a bout the position, the degrees or the salary but it's about how well the responsible and nominated person can do the job in accordance with the needs.  A person from a free society thinks like a free man but a man or a woman who has the background of caste system and dowry system can never have freedom for themselves and  never give freedom to others either.  We need Human Rights High Commissioner who will give individuals real freedom and supports without any discrimination policy and mindset that can let them down.  Individual voices should be heard.

The more the UNHCHR cares for the individuals, the more peaceful and successful his or her work is going to be. It's not just necessary but  a MUST to promote and help them. There is no need of human rights for the rulers of a country in this world. The rights that they have in their country is more than enough. External human rights are not acceptable to those rulers of different countries in the world because they are not vulnerable but the strongest in terms of weapons, ruling power, controlling others and so forth. The ones who need human rights the most are individuals who have no weapons and no ruling power except their knowledge, skills, educational and professional degrees, capability and ability they got. Let the best person come for United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights like the ones we had before 2008 or the one who is better.
                                                            Defining Who  An Individual Is
                                                                                                             (by Professor Dr David Ngin Sian Pau)

Let's see the most recent Cease Fire Deal between Israeli and Hamas in Gaza Strip. There are four points they have to follow in connection with the cease fire deal as we see it below.

1. Israel to end all hostilities on Gaza Strip by sea, land and air, including incursions and the targeting of individuals
2. All Palestinian factions in Gaza to stop all hostilities against Israel, including rocket and border attacks
3. Within 24 hours of ceasefire, Gaza Strip crossings to be opened allowing free movement of people and goods
4. Egypt to receive assurances from both sides that they will abide by the deal, and will follow up any reports its has been broken

In the first point of ceasefire deal, it's stated that Israel has to end all hostilities on Gaza Strip by sea, land and air, including incursions and the targeting of individuals. Let's look into the last phrase "targeting of individuals". The word "individual" here is not applicable to Hamas because it's an organization that has weapon to destroy the enemies whereas the real individuals don't have any weapon to fight back except their knowledge, professional degrees and the ability to do well in their professional job or employment. All Hamas' properties, though recorded under this name, are to be counted Palestinian's property and the name Hamas is applicable only to the group or government of Gaza Strip. There is no individual attack during the fight but it's the fight between the nation of Israel and Palestinian Muslim in Gaza, who are also considered terrorists.

Abbas is the President of Hamas group. Even though he is only one, he is not individual but he is of Hamas Jihad organization. As long as the person is attached to a group of people who try to use armed forces and weapons to protect themselves or to fight others, he or she can't be individual any more. An individual can be helped by any organization including a government, UNO, NGOs, etc. but as long as he isn't attached to the organization that helps permanently, he or she is still individual.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are some refugee communities who claim to be individuals whereas they are of a group of refugee under some leaders. Individual refugee may use recommendations under the name of those refugee groups to support his application, he is still individual as long as he has no attachment to a refugee group permanently. Just getting help from an organization doesn't mean a person is of that organization. So his individual status remains unchanged. Individual needs helps and supports that will make him accomplished the purpose of why he becomes an individual. A refugee who can speak English, has the qualification for a professional career and needs no interpreter at the UNHCR office for interview or job seeking is individual refugee. Unlike others, individual refugee is highly educated in a sense he needs no help in everything since he has the knowledge to do things on his own without any help from others or local refugee communities. A person who is individual, regardless of his race, ethnicity or gender, is an activist of human rights and in need of supports for a job according to his qualification  individually.

It is necessary to have at least some people who are considered individuals in a country or society for the improvement and betterment of a government, an education system of the local education ministry and developing the country. Without private education, no standard government, no standard education system or no development can come out.  Individual cultivates private education and self development that generate a higher standard of government which is better than the existing one in his or her country. Individuals are the ones who are able to compare things especially in the area of government, freedom, education, job opportunity and economy, standard of human rights and accordingly, they move on with the best one. Individual rights should be encouraged, promoted and supported that we can develop our societies, our living standards, our government system, our education system and human rights standardization of our country without which everything would come under the term "dictatorship".

I am an individual because I don't have any attachment to a government though I have been running my own website and developing an education system called Modern Heuristic Education System of Cosmos International University individually. I am not a government leader so I can't be the government though I need help from governments in getting a professional job according to the standard of my qualification. By the way, can President Obama be considered individual? No, he can't be. He's the US government. Likewise, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not individual but Israeli government. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Sien Loong is not individual but a dictator who is of the Singapore government. Is Dr.Aung San Suu Kyi individual, then? No, she is the Myanmar government for democracy. Knowing who the individuals are in our societies and country will give us the knowledge that is necessary to accomplish our works smoothly and peacefully.