Teaching English Department
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*1 credit hour equals 5 hours of teaching practice and comprehensive reading specified books given by the professor.  Students should also pass (P) portfolio assessment.
Classroom Management                 4
Comprehensive grammar with text and context            5
Creating English Learning Environment and Finding Students                    5
Cultural Awareness In Teaching English International                                    3
Curriculum Development              3
English  for Specific Purposes             3
English Language Acquisition and Literature                                                       3
English Teaching Methodology                                                                                  3
Language Learning And Teaching                                                                              4
Language Teaching and Assessment                                                                        3
Linguistic Approach To Teaching English                                                              4
Research  Method in Language Learning                                                                3
Teaching Business English                                                                                             3
Teaching English Grammar                                                                                           5
Teaching English To Children                                                                                     10
Teaching English To Individual Students                                                              10
Teaching English To University Students                                                                6
Teaching Oral English                                                                                                    15
Teaching Pronunciation                                                                                                  4
Teaching English To Speakers of Other Language             5
Using Games and Quiz in Teaching English             3

Effective self-study skill, self-paced time management skill, practical teaching skill, and applying theoretical issues and methodologies in the classroom go together in every aspect of autonomous researchers degree programs in teaching English of MA, PhD and DPh degrees. We focus on applicable topics of pedagogy, teaching methods, philology, phonology, applied psychology for teachers, teaching philosophy and English and comparative literature, writing rhetoric and composition, second language acquisition, curriculum development, effective strategies for teaching English and teaching English syllabus design to sophisticatedly meet the requirements of comparative education. A solid background knowledge of international teaching English experience for five years at the least will allow interested individuals to do autonomous research on teaching English. International English teachers, English professors, professional English tutors areencouraged to apply for admission.

At a master's degree level, students should know a wide range of knowledge about teaching English to different level of students. Autonomous researchers who intend to achieve the level of the Master's degree of Cosmos International University have to pragmatically complete studying and practicing the following subjects.

A thesis to be submitted before the offer of the Master's degree in Teaching English as partial fulfilment for the degree is just a fifty -thousand-words heuristic research thesis. Subjects to be concentrated when doing research on Teaching English at the Master's degree level are as follow.

Proverbs 8

Wisdom is wealth, power and justice.
by Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau PhD,DPh(Teaching English)
Freedom, human rights, truth, love, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy!   Liberté , être humain équitable , vérité , amour , sagesse , savoir , philosophie! 
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