1. To develop an education system that gives individual autonomous learners, educators and researchers who follow that system a profession and well-funded employment for life in a field, discipline or specialization of their choice.

2. To develop a medical mission that follows the foot step of Rev.Dr.Samuel Nang Khan Do, the honorary president of Christian Development International Ministry to help the poor and needy.

3. To develop ways of government cooperation in getting investors and philanthropists from different countries who want to financially make long-term investment to establish manufacturing companies, to build houses, apartments and construction works, to do businesses or give low-interest loans to small businesses and individual business personals, which will give employments to at least 96% of the total population of all nations of the world.

4. To develop people's standard of living to eradicate poverty and to improve the standard of living condition.

5. To develop the quality of human rights among all nations according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and pragmatically follow all the acts in the appropriate way whenever and wherever they are necessary to utilize.

6. To develop a Christian education that rewards honorary degree to long-term ministers and missionaries, who bear fruits in terms of evangelizing people, planting churches, doing a kind of development, or serving humanity in any country of the world.

7. To develop ways to solve the problem of financial crisis for every individual, orphan, illegitimate kid, family, government, educational institute and organization regardless of religion, gender, color, and nationality.

8. To develop a better coordination with those who risk their lives proving aid following a disaster.

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