Cosmos International University (CIU) is distinctly prestigious heuristic research institute, which is one of the ministries of CDIM, and it is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable, educational, and organizational institute amalgamated with some trustable and prodigiously habilitated international men and women. It's been professedly instituted since the year two thousand in Bangkok.

What Kind Of Education Does Cosmos International University Offer?

Because of the ingeniously copacetic education we offer, Cosmos International University becomes the world's first incorporated organizational university, which is spontaneously recognized by universities, schools and institutes around the world. CIU have been established on the basis of freedom, human rights, knowledge, wisdom, truth, love and philosophy, and it is authorized to confer Master's and Doctorate degrees to intellectually capacitated and qualified individuals regardless of race, gender, nationality, skin color, religion and country of origin.

What Are The Sine Qua Nons For Admission?

No undergraduate degree course has been offered by the university so far. Therefore, a pragmatically earned undergraduate and master's degrees from another university or college shall be required to apply for admission. Admission decision will be made on the basis of the applicant's individual skills, level of education, knowledge, capability, potentiality and ability , and it is not going to be based on applicant's examination score, TOEFL score, IELTS score or alma maters whether he or she studied at accredited university or state owned university. There is no partiality in giving admission to anyone whether the applicant is a native English speaker or a non native English speaker. All successful applicants shall be listed in this organization web page, otherwise the application is considered unsuccessful.

How Can A Person Identify Genuine Certificate Of The University?

All recipients of Cosmos International University's diplomas of Doctorate and Master degree shall be recorded in side the web pages, otherwise, it will be automatically treated as bogus ones, and are invalid. If you have any doubt about a diploma of Cosmos International University, contact info@ciuac.org for elucidation.

Can I Become One of The Members Of CIU?

Any one who has genuine interest in Cosmos International University's educational organization may obtain membership at free of cost, and should contact the director via email with a passport size photo. The person who is certified by the university is voluntarily recognized worldwide. Cosmos International University's graduates get jobs in different parts of the world. It has been existing since the incipiency of human being and came into visibly exist as an organization in AD 2000, and then, has got a record on the internet in AD 2006. It will keep on existing till human race ceases to live in cosmos.

Who Can Read Up The Courses Of CIU?

Cosmos International University introduces a new education system to the world and to every individual, who is being qualified, habilitated, capacitated and interested to study at Cosmos International University that they can take the available courses from any parts of the universe. You will be given our address if you genuinely have an earnest interest and desire to study the courses of Cosmos International University. We may have to travel around the world time to time because of the students who join the university from different parts of the world.

How Shall I Intercommunicate With CIU?

Therefore, the best way to contact us is via email. No regular mail application is necessary to apply for admission to any course. Email affixations for propelling documents, and online resume links are the best, most precise and briskest way of accepting applicant's admission to Cosmos International University. Don't squander your time looking for the location of Cosmos International University buildings and address without reading this page of information because it is humanly organized university. This web page is just an expedient transcription and information page for people who want to know more about the organization of Cosmos International University. Using simple English has been the practice of all time that every one who reads this page can understand the meanings and purposes of the university at ease.

Does Cosmos International University Have Any Campus or Buildings?

It may render a notion of perplexity to you because we have neither fixed address nor particular campus of the university in the cosmos unless you savvy the minutiae of experimental procedure of the university. Cosmos means "universe", thus, we reckon and aver that everywhere in this world is of Cosmos, which means heuristic education of Cosmos International University has no limit geographically as well as philosophically, which enable academicians draw out their education beyond borders.

What Type Of Education System Do We Have?

We call our education "Modern Heuristic Education System". Don't try to do the courses of CIU just online. It is unmitigatedly heuristic, which is based on the job that the applicant does right now, the ability to save time in order to do self study for the development and fructification of current study and working knowledge, and the position he or she is in. Though it may seem very intricated to acquire admission, you will find that Cosmos' modern heuristic education is far better beyond your imagination, which will eventually make you say it's pretty much better than merely theoretical research. If you want to study at a university, which has an address with huge buildings in a country setting, Cosmos International University is not for you because Cosmos philosophy of education isn't a protagonist of tangible assets such as fabulous buildings though we make use of the available facilities of other universities around the world.

How Do We Assess Cosmos Researchers?

We assess experimenters' oral presentation and skill via netmail and telecommunication unless there are some particular onerousnesses in meeting the above apparatus and automations. We do not prod you to contact us if your mind is set lingering on a place and study your desired course at a university campus. It means you haven't been equipped for any of the programs of Cosmos International University because all students of Cosmos International University evinced themselves being empowered students by having an occupation or employment colligated to the bailiwick of perusal they want to pursue.

What Type Of Visa Should You Incur?

Heuristic researchers need not incur academician visa in particular to read up at Cosmos International University because it's not a regular university like the ones you have in your own country. Therefore, any other appropriate visa for securing a job or employment, which will help you earn a good salary during your study at Cosmos International University will be a better option. At the same time, we will not offer any degree if the heuristic researcher's occupation is only manual work unless it is part of the course work he or she has to mug up. It means the researcher doesn't merely meet the admission requirements but also not able to maintain the yardstick of the university. International Resident Permit along with a World Citizen Card and a World Passport issued by World Government of World Service Authority is acceptable regardless of a person's country of origin. Since national visa or work permit has a lot of limitations, we recommend that researchers at Cosmos International University must apply and get the International Resident Permit (IRP) from the world office, World Government of World Service Authority in Washington D.C., USA.

Why Entitled Cosmos International University?

In the get-go, the university was entitled Free International University(FIU). But because of some universities, which have indistinguishable title, already existed in other countries, the President and Director of CIU and CDIM concluded to metamorphose the university's name different and unique. Eventually, Cosmos International University(CIU) was validated in June, 2005.

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